Episode 5: And you can tell everybody, this is your song

NOTE:  The test audience of The Soft 6 in a group I started nearly a decade ago started really getting into the “show” and it was great fun watching as I posted new screenshots from my chat with Big Daddy Yo, seeing their reactions and comments so, The Soft 6 is now becoming a lot more “interactive” with cameos from many of the gorgeous (and hilarious) members of the group!  Their enthusiasm and support willed me to keep surging forward with this.  I hope you get a kick out of their comments as much as I do!

Where we left off after Episode 4:

117the soft 6


Wow!   What a fucker of a cliff hanger, right?  Where we left off, things were not looking good at all.

Was Big Daddy Yo onto the ruse? Had he worked out Princess Buttercup is scamming him just as he is scamming her?
Did Princess Buttercup get Big Daddy Yo back?
If so, is their love still alive?
And what could possibly happen to scare the living bejeebus out of Princess Buttercup?

It’s all happening now in Episode 5: “And you can tell everybody, this is our song…”



Credit:  Catherine

121.jpg120.jpgScreenshot (1926)_LI122123124Screenshot (1928)_LI125Screenshot (1930)_LI126Screenshot (1932)_LI127.jpg

It’s princesslovesdaddyyo@gmail.com if any Nigerian princes want to write to me…..

128129Screenshot (1934)Screenshot (1937)130132Screenshot (1939)_LI131.jpg133134.jpg

And then Princess Buttercup and Big Daddy Yo moved over to Google Hangouts….


I should explain CCC is known as The Enclave hence the name Enclavia.  We also have members who throw tantrums and flounce and often the “Bye Felicia” memes come out in force.  Princess Buttercup’s sisters are Enclavia and Felicia, in homage to our lovely group!

138.jpgScreenshot (1941)_LIScreenshot (1943)_LI


Screenshot (1944)140141142Screenshot (1945)

143144145146.jpg147149148149Screenshot (1947)_LI150151Screenshot (1949)_LI152Screenshot (1951)_LI153154screenshot-1952.png


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