Episode 4: Write to me and escape!

Ok, time to ramp up the funny stuff with this guy.  What I saw as an opportunity to have a brief interlude with a scammer, has now grown into the opportunity to truly have fun with him… here it is!  Episode 4.  “Write to me and escape”.

Previously on The Soft 6.

We finally got to see Big Daddy Yo out of uniform and casual, on the beach, the same beach where Barry was eaten by a shark….. the cruel irony of true love.

Princess Buttercup wooed our brave soldier man to gain her trust (and it made her feel sick in the process) but can she trust him?

In tonight’s episode, Princess Buttercup learns so much more about Big Daddy Yo and he about her, but is the game about to come to a crashing and premature end?

Here is it folks, Episode 4: “I’ll have to say I love you in a song”



Touching words from our last episode.  Let’s hope love continues to flourish….


Credit:  Catherine for making the meme.  But… we won’t use this poor random dudes image again.  Thanks for being a great sport, oh random man on a beach.

9293949596979899100101102103104105106107108109110111112113Screenshot (1898)114115.jpg116117.jpg

Uh oh……


Dearest fans of The Soft 6 this is where the conversation ended between Big Daddy Yo and Princess Buttercup.

Has he worked out Princess Buttercup is scamming him better than he is scamming her?
Was he suddenly called to base camp to fight the terrorists in Syria?
If Princess Buttercup joins Google Hangouts will Big Daddy Yo return?

This is much suspense.

Stay tuned for Episode 5!

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