Episode 3: I believe the children are our future


Previously on The Soft 6…. we were all left hanging waiting to find out how Big Daddy Yo felt about having babies with Princess Buttercup.  How will that conversation go?


Tonight, expect some comedy from Big Daddy Yo and…. you might even get to see what he looks like out of his uniform.

Here it is folks!

The Soft 6 – Episode 3: “I believe the children are our future”

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Now I do feel bad that I am also about to post the picture that Big Daddy Yo has stolen from some poor dudes Facebook page, but I feel it’s necessary for the story that we know what these scammers get up to!  So apologies random stranger on the interwebs.  I hope you understand.



Lay off the copy/paste dude.


Uh oh, he’s still here…..


Reference:  Hokey Pokey is a flavour of a lush brand of ice cream made in Tasmania called Valhalla

I receive no benefit for flogging their brand but if you are ever in Tasmania, you really need to check this shit out!

So as we let BIg Daddy Yo sleep before his gruelling shift at thecamp, we can only ponder what is he dreaming about? When will he next touch base with Princess Buttercup?

And what the hell is Princess Buttercup going to talk about? The author hasmajor writer’s block and is keen for any suggestions. Let’s face it, the guy is pretty dull and tiresome and it’s hard work putting up with all of his “babes” and “huns”…. I think I need a lobotomy to relate to this thieving motherfucker.

Also, please post any hawt photos you think our brave soldier man might like to receive from the love of his life.

Until next time, never forget Barry.

Goodnight x



Also, check out The Soft 6 store either via the tab at the top of this page or by clicking this link The Soft 6 Store

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