Episode 2: Love in a war zone


Credit for the name of the show goes to Sharon Provost, a member of the group where I trialled The Soft 6 before launching it out onto the interwebs and the world!

Thanks Sharon!



I also still need to credit the member who came up with the logo (above).  That will come when I find the thread where she first posted it.  Thanks in advance!…..Niku Arbabi!!! Thank you also for coming up with the show logo.    It’s wonderful!




From time to time I’ll be adding comments/heckles etc from the rowdy crowd.  Names are blurred out to protect the innocent!  Also many of the screenshots I will be adding are memes and gifs posted by my test audience while the episodes were going live!  They kept me going with this saga so beautifully!



444546Screenshot (1879)_LI47484950

It annoys me I said a bottle of Twisties!  Packet of Twisties…..

5152Screenshot (1881)Screenshot (1883)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 2: Love in a war zone

  1. At the risk of accusations of me being a pedant … is Williams writing to you on a computer rather than a phone?? Seems very strange he’s not willing to immediately part with a snap of himself. Bad Williams (aka Big Daddy Yo).


    1. I believe he is on a computer in an internet cafe. They also use a dictation feature which may/may not explain some of the poor grammar etc. Apparently on the phone they also use voice altering headsets!


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